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NextStep Business Management Software goes beyond traditional systems, offering a comprehensive solution for all your business needs – finance, HR, customer relations, and more. Streamline processes for peak efficiency, boost integration across departments, and make data-driven decisions with cloud accessibility and powerful analytics. NextStep is a modern, SEO-optimized platform that empowers you to optimize operations, reduce costs, and unlock growth and innovation in today's competitive market. Invest in NextStep and revolutionize your business!


Admin And Staff/Users Login Dashboards.

Marketing and sales Dashboards.

Save Lead Customer Details.

Lead Capture.

Lead Distribution.

Follow-up Mode.

Work Progress Reports With Profit Or Loss.

Work Alert Or Notification.

100 + Types Reports.

E-COM Integration.


NextStep Business Management CRM/ ERP is an educational institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers, We Are Develop 18+ Module in Business CRM

marketing activity

Marketing Activity

task manager

Task Manager

team documentation

Team Documentation

expense management

Expense Management

salary slip

Salary Slip

categorized data sorting

Categorized Data Sorting

assign marketing database

Assign Marketing Database

customer details

Customer Details


Create Quatation



leave management

Leave Managemen

attendenece reports

Attendenece Reports



  • Admin And Staff/Users Login - Business process management software is designed to make your work faster and more efficient. Smart software must be able to assess patterns for you based on the data you have. Your software must provide real-time reports on how your firm is doing through intuitive analysis. To drive sound business decisions, staffs and members of the team should have easy access to this data.
  • Create Quotation – Reliable Business management software will enable you to create quotation. It's a document that specifies a seller's proposed prices for its products or services and makes them available to a potential consumer.
  • Follow-up Mode - You must be able to gain a summary about how the projects are proceeding if multiple departments use the same software to monitor all of their activities. The goal would be to have both high-level and detailed reports and measurements to identify any project barriers. This, and much more, can be accomplished with the help of effective project management software.
  • Accountings - Management software is a technology that helps managers makes business choices. The beauty of this application is that it keeps all of your financial data in one place. Reports or queries for management evaluation and use are simple to create. By entering data into software and then examining reports or inquiries, a budget may be readily controlled.
  • SMS or email Notification – Business management software will alert you on everything by sending you SMS or E-mail notifications so that you do not miss anything important.
  • Reports - Business management software lets you prepare a detailed report of your business operations.

    There's no need to engage expensive software experts and invest huge amount of funds and decades of your lifetime creating ERP software because we are here. When you reach us, everything would be rebranded to match your company, including your website, email address, corporate logo, and product name / branding. We maintain 100% business secrecy among your employees, executives, and clients. There are various other reasons to choose us, which are as follows:

  • We possess enthusiastic as well as innovative staff
  • We offer 24*7 customer assistance to our clients.
  • We offer mobile solutions, that is, you will receive instant solutions to your problem over the internet.
  • Live Demos are also available. Our professional staff will guide you everything in this demo session.
  • We offer 100% dedicated support to our clients whenever they want.
  • Mobile Solution

    NextStep Business Management CRM/ ERP provides a suite of software covering all parts of a Business Management CRM/ERP' administration, managing Customers and Users, from behaviour and achievement [As part of CCE in Business module], managing Stocks, Accounts, Front - Office, Inventory, Time Table, Infirmary, Generate Lead, Customer Follow Up and Send SMS.

    Complete application is created in such a manner that at almost all possible places, you may play with records in your style, you may create master records as per your need.

    Application is ready to be integrated with any third party device, viz. Biometric Attendance Machine, Barcode Scanner etc.

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