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Effortless Class Management: Boost Efficiency & Engagement with Comzent Technologies' ERP

Revolutionize Class Management with NextStep Classes ERP! This comprehensive software empowers Classes of all sizes to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and enhance the learning experience. Trusted by progressive institutions across India, NextStep ERP simplifies tasks like:

  • Data Management & Attendance Tracking
  • Effortless Fee Management & Communication
  • Seamless E-learning Integration


A Classes is an educational institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers, We Are Develop 18+ Module in Classes ERP

Classes ERP software, all stakeholders may access a consolidated dashboard that displays all pertinent data. Not only that, but parents and teachers may stay up to date with real-time data such as a student's academic achievement, attendance records, and planned activities, which improves communication between both the institutions and parents. In a nutshell, our Classes ERP system makes the difficult and time-consuming responsibilities of Classes administration easier and more efficient. Now let’s get into the various features of our ERP software.









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1. Admin Dashboard – Our ERP software includes an Admin Dashboard. The dashboard allows users to check the following elements: All academic modules, such as Student Management, Workforce Management, Payroll Data, ID card, Library Services, Exam Management, and so on, will be accessible via the Dashboard page. The overall number of students, personnel, and volumes in the library are visible to the administrator. From the dashboard, there is also a side menu that allows you to access all of the pages.

2. Create User Account – Using our ERP software both the students as well as teachers can create their own user account.

  • Students Dashboard – Students can access daily classroom work and homework assigned by teachers and completes their syllabus properly, as well as monitors their exam schedules for various courses.
  • Teachers Dashboard – Teachers can use the dashboard to handle all aspects of their daily teaching routine, including knowing about their daily class work and homework assignments, as well as checking the timetables of all classes to ensure that their syllabus is completed on time. They can also create daily updates for students and observe them from the recent activity menu.
  • 3. Create Batches - A Student batch is a bunch of students drawn from different Student Groups. And with our ERP software, one can easily create separate batches for various students belonging to different groups.

    4. Student Enquiry Batch Wise – With our ERP software, individuals can make an enquiry batch wise. With just a couple of clicks, one can get access to all the information they require.

    5. Student Admission Batch Wise – Our student admission is done in a batch wise method. Our ERP system should have a user interface that even non-technical individuals can understand. Everything should be simple to use, from the interface to the functionality. This guarantees that you do not end up with a system that no one wants to use.

    6. Regular Batch wise / competitive batch wise admission – Students have the flexibility to take admissions in a regular batch or any competitive batch they wants along with flexible subject they wish to take up. Also, they must clear the fees for that particular subject for that particular batch.

    7. Installment wise fees payment – All educational institutions have the challenge of collecting and managing fees. Fee collections and receipt generation are automated with our technology. It also automates data entry into Classes accounts, which helps to reduce errors and duplication of data entries. Fees payment with installments is also available. Parents need not worry about their expenditures at all as they can easily pay the fees in monthly installments.

    8. Batch wise SMS updates – Our system sends all the latest updates to all its users with SMS feature. So, even if there is no internet or connectivity issues the students, parents or teachers can get all the important updates in real time.

    9. Examination – Whether the examination is offline or online, the institution's administrators must complete a significant amount of pre-examination preparation. All of the operations are time-consuming, from picking test questions to designing an exam schedule, allocating halls and employees, and lastly printing question sheets. Fortunately, our ERP system makes all of this possible with only a few mouse clicks. If the exam is conducted online, the teacher only needs to select test questions; the rest can be completed in a matter of minutes. The ERP system allocates assessments and examinations to the students in a specific batch. It sends out schedule-related alerts to students and parents via SMS, email, etc. Our ERP software's exam results feature can evaluate answers, compute each student's grade, and produce results in moments after the examination conducted. There is no need for the teacher to manually go over responses or check and enter findings on numerous pages to keep track of things. There are no flaws or miscalculations in the computation of marks because the evaluation system is digital. Without human intervention, the result management procedure becomes error-free.

    10. Students and Teachers Attendance Updates with SMS feature – Attendance can assist teachers in keeping track of their students' attendance. Parents can get quick updates regarding their child’s attendance in the classroom. Teachers are not permitted to mark backdated attendance in our system. This is a safety feature that ensures no proxies of any kind are accepted.

    11. Reports - Another important feature of this software is the ability to generate reports. The programmed aids administrators by creating reports on everything from subjects taught in various classes, student and teacher attendance, examination schedules and grades, fees, and so on.

  • Batch wise fees – Our system allows to check, evaluate and even pay fees batch wise.
  • Batch wise admission – Students can choose their batch and take admission accordingly.
  • Batch wise reminding fees – Batch wise fees payment alert is one of the best feature.
  • Batch wise subject wise mark report – The system gives batch wise as well as subject wise marks / reports so that the students and parents get a detailed idea of the performance in each batch in each subjects.
  • Batch Wise Attendance report - Batch Wise Attendance reports are also given.
  • Teacher Report -A detailed teacher report created with our Classes class ERP Software is referred to as a highly personalized report. It's a useful tool for measuring and analyzing the student's performance as well as the brand's general commercial condition. This well-documented summary has the data and attributes required to show details connected to anticipated and pre-defined functions, assisting the class in obtaining the precise facts they require. It provides information and knowledge to the class administration, allowing them to examine and find solutions that are critical to the Classes's operation.
  • Why Choose NextStep Classes ERP ?

    We provides one stop solution

    In sync with technology

    Data security

    Available on mobile and desktop

    Go paperless

    Excellent customer support

    Easy to implement and use

    Provides personalised

    Own dashboards

    Saves time

    A cost-effective solution

    Access data anywhere anytime

    Graphical reports

    Simple and easy.


    NextStep Classes ERP provides a suite of software covering all parts of a classess' administration, managing registration and admissions, from behaviour and achievement [As part of CCE in Examination module], managing Library, Fee, Accounts, Front - Office, Inventory, Time Table, Infirmary, Hostel & Mess, HR & Payroll and Transport.

    Complete application is created in such a manner that at almost all possible places, you may play with records in your style, you may create master records as per your need.

    Application is ready to be integrated with any third party device, viz. Biometric Attendance Machine, Barcode Scanner etc.

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