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Comzent Payroll: Effortless Processing & Time Savings

Revolutionize your payroll with NextStep Payroll Management ERP! This powerful solution streamlines and automates all your payroll processes, integrating seamlessly with HR, accounting, and finance for a centralized platform. NextStep automates tasks like wage calculation, benefits administration, tax processing, and paycheck distribution, ensuring accuracy and compliance with automatic updates. Advanced features like employee self-service portals, customizable reporting, and seamless integrations further enhance productivity, reduce errors, and optimize workforce management.



NextStep Payroll Management ERP is essential for businesses to efficiently handle payroll tasks. we've developed over 18+ modules to streamline payroll processes, ensuring accuracy and compliance. Our expertise empowers businesses to focus on growth while we handle their payroll needs

employee info management

Employee Info Management

payroll processing

Payroll Processing


Tax Management


Benefits Admin


Leave Management


Time & Attendence


Self-Service Portal


Reporting & Attendence


Complience Management




Accounting Integretion


Performance Management


Expence Management



Why Choose NextStep Payroll Management ERP ?

We provides one stop solution

In sync with technology

Data security

Available on mobile and desktop

Go paperless

Excellent customer support

Easy to implement and use

Provides personalised

Own dashboards

Saves time

A cost-effective solution

Access data anywhere anytime

Graphical reports

Simple and easy.

Mobile Solution

The Payroll Management ERP provides a comprehensive suite of software tailored for efficient management of payroll processes. It covers all aspects of payroll administration, including employee registration, attendance tracking, library management, fee collection, accounting, front-office operations, inventory management, timetable scheduling, healthcare facilities, hostel and mess management, HR management, and transportation.

The application is designed to offer flexibility, allowing users to customize master records according to their specific requirements. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with third-party devices such as biometric attendance machines and barcode scanners, enhancing functionality and convenience for users.

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Employee Database check check check
Salary-Structure Configuration mark mark mark
Automated Payroll Processing check check check
Statutory Compliance for PF/ESI/PT/LWF/TDS mark mark mark
Loans & Advances check check check
Dashboard mark mark mark
Events & Reminders check check check
Inbuilt MIS Reports + Report Creation tool mark mark mark
Data Inport from Excel check check check
User Access Control mark mark mark
Employee self-service check check check
Leave Management / Leave Management Work-flow mark mark mark
Full & Final Settlement Workflow check check check
Tax Projection / Live Tax Planner mark mark mark
Document Management check check check
Induction & Exit Management with Workflows mark mark mark
Reimbursement & Claim Management check check check
Investment Delaration Workflow mark check mark
Time & Attendence check check check
Real-time Integration with Biometric Device mark check mark
HR-Letters Management check check check
Journal-Voucher Integration mark check mark
Mobile Application check check check
Manager Self-Service mark check mark


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